Where the Wild Things Are

The poster that I chose to do a review on is the movie poster for Where the Wild Things Are.  I feel as though this poster highlights many of the core principles we have learned in class, while also emphasizing the mood of the movie.  I think the message of this poster directly correlates with the message of the movie and book: while your imagination may not be active, the memories you once created will never completely disappear.  Consequently, while the main “wild thing” in the book (as well as the focal point of the poster), Carol, is slightly hidden by the large tree, it is impossible for him to hide all of his limbs and part of his head.  This idea represents Max’s imagination by proving that even if the wild things attempt to hide as a figment of his imagination, they will always be there waiting for him to need them.

The poster uses the concept of lines to create an interesting background.  Because these lines are contrasting values, the background is slightly distracting.  The poster also uses texture to emphasize the lifelike nature of Max’s imagination; while the creatures and places he invents may not be real, the viewer is supposed to feel as though they are tangible and alive… the texture displayed in this poster provides a bit of reality to his imagination.



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