Smithsonian Annual Photo Contest

I was genuinely impressed by the collection of photos chosen for the Smithsonian annual photo contest at the Smithsonian Castle.  I found it inspiring that many of the photos were taken by amateurs; while many people would not be capable of producing that caliber of work, the photos sent by the amateurs were each intriguing in their own way.  I could tell that the people in charge of selecting the pictures to include in the exhibit must have had a difficult time, because each had an interesting composition… many even had beautiful stories to coincide with the photo.

A Ride at the Virginia State Fair

Although my favorite photograph was different than the one I included in the post, I also enjoyed this one by Gordon Stillman of Richmond, Virginia.  I could only find the photo winners in various categories online, and this winner of the “Americana” section was my favorite of the  six winners.  I think the most interesting aspect of this photograph is that the composition is so busy; it doesn’t quite align with the rule of thirds.  Instead, the column of the ride centers the photograph and the people surrounding it provide an element of chaos, as the blurred background emphasizes the motion of the individuals around the column.


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