Photo Essay: Solitude






Each of our photos fits together to represent solitude; while all of the photos utilize different elements of photography, they are similar in their themes of color and composition.  Each of the photos uses dull colors, some of which are cool greens and some of which are medium grays.  I like how the element of color ties each of the photos in the essay together.  In the first photo, value is minimal as the only bright white evident is the sky in the upper right-hand corner, while the darkest color is shadowed under the bench in the lower left-hand corner.  In the second photo, the medium grays are juxtaposed with the cool greens of the trees, connecting with the brighter value in the center to create an ethereal effect.  The third photo (the one I selected) utilizes a small depth of field to focus on the neutral beiges of the chipmunk, surrounded by the bright greens of the grass and leaves.  As the rushed, harsh lines of the grass lead the eye toward the chipmunk, the organic lines of the leaves project a sense of tranquility that mimics the theme of solitude.  Line and value are the main elements of the fourth photo, while the rule of thirds provides the photo with an interesting composition.  The last photo is unsaturated and the landscape in the background almost blends together.  This causes the flower and the water bottle to stand out and thus plays into the theme of solitude.  The lines in the background run down which leads the viewer’s eye to the flower.  This photo also demonstrates the rule of thirds.


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