Photo 2



The asymmetrical structure of this photograph by Christian Ziegler makes the composition active.  It seems as though the orchids may be blowing in the wind, as the one Ziegler focused on in the foreground takes precedent over the blurred orchids in the background.  As the objects in the background are blurred, they align with the active nature of the photograph; the viewer may assume they are blurred as they move in the wind. 

The vivid implied texture in Ziegler’s photograph prompts the viewer to want to glide his or her hands up the stem of the orchid to the petals.  Because the petals look fuzzy and the stems look so smooth, the implied texture is evident as a visual aspect of the photograph.

The colors in this photo are rather muted.  Although the reds and blues of the flowers are pretty bright, the background is blurred so the colors look dull.  I think the use of color in this photo is imaginative and delicate; the flowers almost look fake because the colors are so intriguing. 

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