Hello world!


The most evident visual aspect of this photograph by Tim Laman is the use of line to create a pattern.  While the pattern is more organic than structured, it provides the photograph with a background of substance that is not too distracting.  As the red lines carry the viewer’s eye to the focal point, the fish, the plant with the leaves that protrude out beyond the fish do the same thing.  I feel as though the way these two sets of lines cross is one of the the reasons this photograph is so strong; as each set leads the viewer to the focal point, they also interact with each other, creating the bold pattern that intrigues the viewer.

Another pattern in Laman’s photograph is the series of light dots on the dark leaves in the background.  The dots, along with the darker parts of those leaves, create a surprising color combination with the coral, the background, and the fish.  The photographer clearly used the concept of primary colors to set up his photograph.  The red coral, blue background, and yellow fish contrast with the neutral colors of the spotted leaves.

The use of light and color in Laman’s photograph is also notable.  The warm colors in the foreground contrast intensely with the cool and neutral colors of the background.  As this happens, the viewer’s eye is coaxed into assuming the layers of the photograph are in their actual position; by ensuring the warm colors are in front of the cooler ones, Laman avoids playing tricks on the eye.  Had the warmer colors been behind the cooler ones, we may have been too distracted by the hot reds and yellows to realize they were actually in the background.


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  1. emanna

    Lauren I really like the colors in this picture and I think you did a great job of explaining why color is so pertinent to this shot!

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